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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. on this monday, march 22nd, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. >> breaking news this morning -- congress passes landmark reform on health care. >> tonight, we answered the call of history that so many generations of americans had before us. this is what change looks like. >> a victory for the president and his party. it also ignites a firestorm of protests. >> hell, no, you can't! >> but can republicans do anything about it now? senator john mccain weighs in. and we talked to the congressman
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who sees this bill's passage as the completion of his late father's legacy. and the first interview with tiger woods. >> i've done some pretty bad ith things in my life. and it all came to a head. to look at yourself in a light that you never want to look at yourself, that's pretty brutal. >> tiger steps up to the tee to take the first of many questions on the state of his marriage and his return to golf. and good morning, america. and, yes, it was a memorable weekend, an historic one as that. as the biggest piece of legislation in more than a generation passes the house at exactly 10:49 eastern time sunday night with a vote of 219 for, 212 against. and chants of "yes, we can." and it was a partisan decision, george, not one republican voted
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for its passage. >> that's exactly right. that is a big difference from other piece of legislation like social security, medicare, welfare reform. the president is expected to sign that bill into law as early as tomorrow. here's what it means for. you a lot of provisions will take in effect several years from now. but there are some things this year starting with aid to seniors that so-called doughnut hole. that will begin to close. also sick children with preexisting conditions can't be denied health coverage starting this year. of course, the tax increases in spending cuts to pay for all the changes will also begin to bite as well. throughout the morning, we'll break down this historic bill and what it means to you. >> and president obama has succeeded in accomplishing something that has eluded his predecessors. it won't be easy. we had reaction from both ends of pennsylvania avenue. we hear from jake tapper at the white house in a moment but we begin with jon karl at the white
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house. you witnessed quite a lot. >> absolutely. legislation tiff and political for the history books. >> -- motion to concur in the senate amendment as adopted. without objection, motion reconsidered is laid on the table. >> reporter: and with that, health care reform is passed. a hard-fought victory for the president who spoke just before midnight. >> we proved that this government, a government by the people and by the people still works for the people. >> reporter: and triumph for the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. >> it's great pride that we undertook this great act of patriotism. >> reporter: democrats began chanting "yes, we can," moments after the vote. but it wasn't pretty getting there. >> no you can't! >> mr. speaker --
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>> no! >> reporter: the bill passed without a single republican yes vote. >> can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors? hidden from the people? hell, no, you can't! >> reporter: and outside, angry protests. >> the government -- >> no, we won't. >> reporter: some of them ugly, racial epithets, who was spat upon. he points at the spitter "you spit on me. you quit on me." in the end, 34 democrats also voted no. it could have been more. >> i'm pleased to announce that we have an agreement. >> reporter: art stupak, a group of anti-abortion democrats threatened to vote no, but were brought on board in the final hours after president obama promised to sign an order saying no federal money for abortion. later when stupak went up to speak on the senate floor,
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this -- "baby killer," somebody from the republican side yelled. two key numbers to consider with this legislation. the first one, $32 million. that is the number of people who will have health insurance who normally would not have had it by the end of the ten years of this bill. and here, the cost of the bill, $938 billion over ten years. now, that is paid for through a mix of tax increases and reductions to medicare spending. george? >> okay, jon. thanks. which is why the white house claims this also gives the deficit over time. here are other provisions of the bill. it will eventually require every american to have health insurance or pay a penalty. and it will prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage. those provisions take effect in 2014. this year, the bill will end lifetime caps on insurance coverage and prohibit insurance companies from dropping coverage
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on patients who become sick or for denying coverage on children with preexisting conditions. jake tapper is at the white house. and, jake, as soon as the president signs this legislation, the white house is going to begin a campaign to convince them of the benefits. >> reporter: that's right, those that take in effect immediately, those as you mentioned, closing the so-called doughnut hole on prescription programs for seniors. and what president obama has called the patient's bill of rights on steroids. that is the idea that consumers need protections from insurance company abuses. and you can hear president obama last night, in his remarks, talk about the importance of this plan selling the plan to the american people. >> but long after the debate fades away, and the prognostication fades away and the dust settles, what will remain standing, is not government-run system some feared or the status quo that
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serves the interest of the insurance industry, a system that works better for the american people. >> reporter: and it was an emotional night last night, george, as you might imagine. president obama had been working the phones all the day, calling waiving congressmen, thanks those who voted for the bill. he walked with 40 staffers in the roosevelt room when that final 216 vote came through. he applauded. he high-fived his chief of staff, rahm emanuel. he gave a hug. after his remarks from the east room. he went up to the truman balcony, with with dozens of staffers who have been working on this bill for more than a year, he toasted them with champagne and club soda and he thanked them for their hard work and said, this is why we're here, this is why we were elected. george. >> and it's the fight of his presidency.
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thank you very much. george, talking about the new legislation it as expandses medicare of families of four making up to about $29,000 a year. joining us now from washington is representative patrick kennedy of rhode island who has a very emotional connection to the historic passage of health care legislation. health care reform, a dream of his father, the late senator edward kennedy for more than 40 years. congressman, an emotional 24 hours for so many people. i want to just get a gauge of your feelings this morning. >> well, thank you, robin. for my father, it was always about expanding what this country meant to americans. he was around for medicare, for the civil rights act '64, voting rights act of '65. he worked for community health centers. s-chip for kids. the americans for disability act. he always believed that our
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country was about expanding opportunity for more and more americans. and i believe as he said, this was the unfinished business of americans. because poor people have medicaid. wealthier people can get health insurance, and seniors can get medicare. but it's the middle class, the people who struggle every day who can't be protected. this is a program for the middle class. too often in america, they're the ones who are left out. and yet not now, in this bill, they're protected because this is a consumer protection bill. people often say, well, now government's going to be making our decision in health care. frankly, the last 16 years i've been in public life, people say hmos, accountants are making my medical decisions. right now, i think people will be more feeling confident of the fact that they have accountability in who's making their medical decisions. and it's going to be their
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doctors. it's going to be a review board. and finally, there's going to be protections against people being discriminated against because of preexisting condition. and chronic illness that might push people's health care insurance to the point where they become bankrupt. and bankruptcy is the leading cause of, as a result of medical expenditures, in this country, and that is going to end as a result of this bill. >> congressman, many hear what you said this morning. and you know about the tone. you sounded the alarm months ago about the tone of the debate. there are people waking up this morning that are very pleased. but you know, there are a lot of people waking up this morning that don't like this bill. what do you say to them this morning? >> i would say, wait until you hear more about it. we've heard a lot of paid advertisement from the insurance industry. from the vested interests that don't want to see this change. all i would say to americans is, you're already paying, whether you're paying through excessive
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premiums or not, people say, oh, we're going to end up paying more in taxes. they're paying double-digit inflation rates in their medical insurance. at least now, the government is going to be able to justify any increase in medical expenditures by holding insurance companies account only. one-third of the medical dollar goes to administration only. that means advertising. that means excessive salaries for ceos. that's no longer going to be allowed. and i think the american people are going to be happy to know that when they spend their health care dollar, it's going to go to medical expenditures. not advertising. not ceo compensation. >> a final question about your father, the president talked about him a great deal even last week. and referred to a letter that your father had sent him that he has reread in recent months, as he said, as we get closer to the finish line. did you feel your father's
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presence throughout this ordeal? >> well, i am so honored that my father supported this president in the belief this president was going to make a commitment and stand by it. and this president stood by it. i salute president obama. he has been the president and even more than my father could have ever imagined. and this speaker that i've supported, speaker pelosi, worked hard. she's an unsung hero. her ambition is for children in this country, all of whom are going to get covered under this bill. my hat is off to her. she's really provided moral and political leadership and worked, worked, worked. and i can't say enough about how proud i am to be part of a congress with nancy pelosi as our speaker. >> representative kennedy, we hear the emotion in your voice and we see it in your face. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> have a good day. thank you. george? >> okay, robin, thanks. to help pay for this
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historic legislation there will be tax increases on individuals with incomes of more than $200,000. and households of incomes of more than $250,000. republicans have zeroed in on those tax increases, medicare cuts and the cost of the bill. for more on that we're joined by senator john mccain. good morning, senator. first, you were good friends with senator ted kennedy. what would you say to him this morning? >> congratulations. we were good friends. we have very different philosophical views. i congratulate him on his victory. i still think it's terribly wrong for america and americans. with all the euphoria going on inside the beltway, champagne toasting and all of that, outside of the beltway, the american people are very angry. and they don't like this. and we are going to try to repeal this. and we are going to have a very
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spirited campaign coming up between now and november. and there will be a very heavy price to pay for it. >> let me get into that as well. congresswoman michelle bachman addressed protesters saying there will be more chaos ahead. i know republicans want to repeal the bill. but provisions that you say you're for. no lifetime coverage. no cancellation of policies if you get ill. will you move to repeal those provisions as well? >> of course not. we had proposals to take care of those issues that you just mentioned. plus, medical malpractice reform. plus, being able to go across state lines to get health insurance you need. plus, reawards for wellness and fitness. plus, a whole lot of things that would have brought down the cost of health care, instead of laying on what the governor of arizona says, that they can't pay. they said they can't afford it.
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they're going to bankrupt the country. and so, we certainly had alternatives. and we have been in favor of those things, but not through laying taxes on -- well, caterpillar, as you know, just a couple days ago, said it would be $100 million increase in taxes by one of the major corporations that exports a lot from this country. and helps out in that area. are they going to be competitive? and who are they going to pass those costs on to? we don't know that. >> but, senator, if you repeal the bill, those reforms that you just mentioned will be repealed as well, won't they? >> we want to start over. as we said. we can address those issues. the american people, by 2 to 1 margin, want us to stop and start over. we're not going to do that. for the first time in history, we will have a major reform enacted, without a bipartisan support for doing so. in fact, about a two-thirds majority saying they don't like it. so i believe the will of the people is reflected, sooner or
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later, in the makeup of the government. and when you go against the will of the people, you pay a price. >> senator, we only have a few seconds left. >> sure. >> but will you also move to challenge the constitutionality of this bill. i've heard many calls from republicans on that as well. >> sure. we'll challenge it every place we can. including the effect on social security that this legislation has, which we think is directly violating the reconciliation rules regarding social security. listen, we'll fight everywhere. i was at a town hall meeting in arizona on saturday. i didn't find anybody that liked this bill. the american people don't like it. and they are going to be heard one way or the other. >> okay, senator mccain, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. and coming up, we answer some of your questions on what the new bill means to your family. robin? >> yeah, we will continue that discussion in a moment, george. but now, it's time for the
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weather. sam champion, happy monday to you, and it was a beautiful weather across much of the country, but it could be changing. >> there's a shift. definitely in places that got 72 in new york over the weekend, now, we're picking up rain. that heavy rain will be up to 2 inches of rain in that area. that will kind of bring in the idea of more flooding from new jersey all the way to maine. good news over the weekend as the red river crested in fargo. minneapolis and st. paul, all the way down the mississippi river will look at the idea of the flooding saying moderate to high. so the flood threat contin ue down the mississippi and there's gorgeous weather in the southwest. san diego's 65. look at palm springs and l.a. this is beautiful weather.
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. good morning maryland. after a glorious week en. we hit 75 yesterday. that's not going to happen today. 50s, already rain showers and some heavy. 63, could be rumbles of thunder this afternoon into the evening. 45 overnight, and not a wet day tomorrow but a better chance of shower in the afternoon at 56. back with sun and 60s wednesday and thursday, another cool down with yeah more rain showers by the end of week. >>ose those selected cities were brought to you by mercedes-benz. more weather in the next half hour. now, tiger woods, to questions sunday, for the first time since his private indiscretions led to a private unravel. espn's tom rinaldi spoke to
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tiger woods. it was a five-minute interview. >> i've done some pretty bad things in my life. and it all came to a head, but now, after treatment, going for in-patient treatment for 45 days. and in more out-patient treatment, i'm being back to my old roots. >> reporter: for a lot of people, the spark of those bad things is november 27th. early that day, what happened? >> well, it's all on the police report. you know, beyond that, everything's between elin and myself. and that's private. >> reporter: why did you lose control of the car? >> as i said, that's between elin and myself. >> reporter: if it's a private matter, why issue a public apology? >> i owe a lot of people an apology. i hurt a lot of people. not just my wife. my friends, my colleagues. the public. kids who looked up to me. there were a lot of people that thought i was a different person. and my actions were not according to that.
7:20 am
and that's why i had to apologize. >> reporter: you said you've made transgressions. how would you, in your own words, describe the depth of your infidelity? >> well, just one is enough. and obviously, that wasn't the case. i made my mistakes. >> reporter: why not seek treatment before all of this came out? >> well, i didn't know i was that bad. i didn't know i was that bad. >> reporter: how did you learn that? how did you learn that? >> stripping away denial, rationalization. you strip that away, you learn the truth. and coming up in the next half hour, tom rinaldi with more. and the fate and the anxiety of returning to golf. that and much more. two scoops!™ of raisins in some oxes.hope i gett you know what will really ge us in the spirit? ♪ 99 boxes of raisin bran crunch ♪ ♪ if you're nice to me i'll share some with you ♪,
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we had 75 yesterday, 55 this morning, it is 59234 east, and we are still holding upper 50s toward york pa but that does come with rain fall. we had that already this morning, a band of rain pushing north of the beltway up 83 right now, up through hunt valley and in york county, up through york you are going into wet weather as well. we've had the wet weather rolling out i-70 and more shower, wrapping around this large storm system in the deep south that has brought thunderstorms and snow into alabama and portions of georgia. that's an interesting set up for instable that will keep the threat of wet weather around at least for two days here. we may have gust thety breezes and perhaps even a rumble of thunder and although mid-50s only aiming for 63 as the woo degree guarantee. an evening thunderstorm and showers and 45 overnight. tomorrow more clouds and maybe an afternoon sprinkle or shower
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with a high back only in the mid-50s. it is 7:25. let's go back to the roads. thanks, justin. yes, speaking of i-70 expected to be slow between route 29 toward the beltway as we take a peak at the roadways here in 95, they're going be wet. we have lots of rain out there, in baltimore city most of our problems coming in there, at st. paul street. reports of a crash, northbound mlk at franklin and another report at, drive times are slow around the area, 695 between 795 and 70 taking you 15 minutes to make that, white marsh boulevard, about 7 minutes and southbound on 895 between the split down to 295, this morning, one crash to let you know about 795 southbound at franklin boulevard, that's going to cause a major slow down toward the beltway. we will be right back with your morning news update next.
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7:27. here are the story, a violent week vend in the shooting death of a comcast worker in east baltimore. carlos m williams was in his company van around 6:00 yesterday morning, in the 19 u block when three people approached the van. at least one of them shot at williams several times. police believe the shooting was attempted robbery. >> city police are also investigating a shooting involling a pregnant woman happened around 10:00 last night. initial reports say that the 19- year-old was two months pregnant and had been shot in chest. police say she was conscious when they arrived. that woman was taken to shock trauma. no word this morning on your current condition. we will keep you posted. two baltimore city police officers who were working under cover this weekend recovering after they were shot by a man in the 2600 block of mcelderly street. fred says his officers noted
7:29 am
two cars driving suspiciously when they intervened one man opened fire hit ling one in the cheek and one in the hand. they returned fire killing the suspect. >> those officers are being treated at john hop kin's hospital. heart breaking yesterday for for sure, if you saw the imam you were screaming at the tv. just a great game. michigan state took shot after shot after shot, and they had no shot at this one. who will go down as one of the all-time greatest. they played well. that's all the news for now. back to new york for good morning america.
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when you look at it now, why did you get married? >> why? because i loved her. i love elin with everything i have. and that's something that makes me feel even worse, i did this to someone i love that much. >> tiger woods talking candidly with espn's tom rinaldi about his marriage. the hurt he caused his wife. he said one of the lowest points of the whole scandal has been facing his wife, as you see there. and his mother. we'll have more of tom's revealing interview in a moment. including tiger's anxiety about
7:31 am
returning to golf and the mast ne ers in a couple of weeks. george is with his family. you've been following it. such a night. you've been a part of politics. you have ever seen what we've witnessed in the last 48 hours? >> robin, this is far and away the moat momentous piece of legislation, in my career in journalism in 25 years. this is the biggest piece of legislation in those 25 years. president obama said the democratic president has been fighting for going back to franklin roosevelt. but you also saw the kind of opposition that has engendered in the country as john mccain pointed out. this is the first major piece of legislation that has had no support from a major party. the bill now goes to the senate. will republicans raise objections to the fixes that the democrats have instituted, that
7:32 am
democrats expected to pass by the end of the week or so. then other campaign begins. we heard jake tapper talk about the white house having a campaign to convince the country of the benefits of this legislation. republicans will move on three different fronts. they will move to appeal it in the congress. they will move to challenge the constitutionality in the courts. they will also move to various states to nullify key provisions for insurance. so this fight has only just begun after all of this. >> in many ways, it has. very so many questions. our dr. tim johnson will be here, so will mellody hobson try to answer the questions. as i said, you're in los angeles. you're on a break with your family. enjoy your spring break with them. >> see you soon. now, we're going to move on to part two of tiger woods answering questions sunday since the first time since his scandal shocked spans. espn's tom rinaldi spoke with woods. here's part of that interview.
7:33 am
>> reporter: you said you were in treatment, the simple question is for what? >> that's a private matter as well. but i can tell you what, it's tough. it's really tough, to look at yourself in a light you that never want to look at yourself, that's pretty brutal. >> reporter: what did you see? >> i saw a person that i never thought i would ever become. >> reporter: who was that? >> well, i had gotten away from my core values, as i said earlier. i had gotten away from my buddhism. and i quit meditating, all the things that my mom and dad taught me. i felt entitled. and that is not how i was raised. >> reporter: given all that's happened, what's your measure of success at augusta? >> well, playing is one thing. i'm excited to get back in play. i'm excited to get to see the guys again. i really missed a lot of my friends out there. i missed competing. but still, i still have a lot more treatment to do. just because i'm playing doesn't mean i'm going to stop going to treatment.
7:34 am
>> reporter: what reception are you expecting from fans? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm a little nervous about that. to be honest with you. >> reporter: how much do you care? >> it would be nice to hear a couple claps here and there. but also hope they clap for birdies, too. >> reporter: 11 months ago, here in i, was i asked you, how well does the world know you. what's your answer to that now? >> a lot better now. i was living a life of a lie. i really was. and i was doing a lot of things, as i said that hurt a lot of people. and stripping away denial and rationalization, you start coming to the truth of who you really are, and that can be very ugly. but then again, you face it, you start conquering, you start living up to it. the strength that i feel now, i've never felt that type of strength. >> reporter: in the last four months, tiger, what's been the low point? >> i've had a lot of low points. just when i thought i could get
7:35 am
lower it got lower. >> reporter: an example. >> when i was in treatment, out of treatment. before i went in. i mean, there were so many different low points. people i had to talk and face like my wife, like my mom. >> reporter: what was that moment like? either one. >> both of them were brutal. they've both been very tough. i've hurt them very much. those are the two people in my life that i'm the closest to. to say the things that i've done truthfully to them was very painful. >> reporter: what was your wife's reaction when you sat down and had that first conversation? >> she was hurt. she was hurt. very hurt. shocked, angry. she had every right to be. i'm as disappointed as everyone else in my own behavior, because i can't believe i actually did that to the people i loved. >> reporter: i ask this question respectfully, but of course at a distance from your family life when you look at it now, why did
7:36 am
you get married? >> why? because i loved her. i loved elin with everything i had. and that's something that makes me feel even worse, i did this to someone i love that much. >> reporter: how do you reconcile what you've done with that love? >> we work at it. >> espn's tom rinaldi joins us now live, along with howard bragman, ceo of 15 minutes public relations, and abc news christine brennan. first, tom, you have interviewed tiger many times over the years. you were limited to five minutes. you had to remain standing. overall, your questions when you talked to him, tom? >> i know, robin, you've had the opportunity to speak with tiger woods in different settings. he came in, he was very composed. he was very cordial with me and crew. there was no entourage with him.
7:37 am
he was accompanied with tom greenspan. obviously, we chose to ask him the questions that we did. we don't want to suggest at all that he's answered all the questions, robin, there's still many more that many more people want to ask him. >> you can tell us why now, he decided to answer some questions now? >> i really couldn't speculate why he and his camp made that decision and made this opportunity available. but you could suggest it, after having made the public statement, robin. and then making public the decision to go to augusta to play the masters, to try to defuse some of the question this is he may face when he arrives there, so he may be able to focus a bit more on the competition itself. >> being at the masters, period is challenging without all of this. all right. howard, we're going to let you weigh in now. you have all along said that tiger needs a game-changer. is this it? >> it's not, unfortunately. it was a nod in the right
7:38 am
direction, but merely a nod. too little too late. when tiger made himself vulnerable when he really looked at himself, acknowledged his mistakes and what he did to his family, that's when he starts to repair the damage. i don't know why he wanted to limit it to five minutes. he was standing up like he couldn't wait to run away from this interview, robin. it was almost bizarre. he needs to really sit down and have that cathartic moment. again, this was a start, but this wasn't it. >> he did answer all of tom's questions. but sometimes, when dealing about what happened that night, back in november, he said it's a private matter. he did fall back on that a little bit. has he said enough, howard? >> you know, saying it's between elin and myself, that's what we call taking the fifth in p.r. terms, basically. i don't think he has said enough. i don't think he's said enough
7:39 am
to change the dialogue out there. i think people want to like him. i think we're a very forgiving country and a very forgiving people. but we want him to get in those spotlights and we want to see him answer those questions before we're going to go all the way and stand by his side again. so, he's starting, robin. and i'm glad he talked to somebody, finally, after so many months. but he needs to sit down with you for 20 minutes and really get into it. >> but he also talked to the golf channel yesterday. christine before i ask you a question, i want to play a clip of that interview with the golf channel, because he was asked about his children. take a look. >> how will you explain this to your children one day when they're old enough to understand? >> we'll have that sit-down talk. it won't be just one time. i know that. it will be numerous times. i take full ownership of it.
7:40 am
i did. no one else did it, it's just me. that's a responsibility i will have. i will talk to my kids for however long they want to talk about it. that is a conversation that will need to be had. >> christine, you saw both interviews, both overall, your impressions and the fact that, tiger, you know, he did talk about more special things than he has in the past? >> he did, robin. he was more real during that public statement in february. he's still a control freak. there he has tom there, five minutes. and the golf channel, five minutes. tom did a great job in those five minutes. that's tiger wanting to be kind of in your face. i'm still on top of this. so, i think, again, the same question still exists, how much has he changed? again, it's his right to say it's a private matter. he did go back several times. tom's great question about it, if it was private, why have a public apology?
7:41 am
there's lots things for those of us covering the masters who want to continue to ask like the performance drug issue. >> tom did get a lot in that sort period of time. never enough time for christine, howard and tom. thank you both for joining us this morning. i'm sure we will continue the coverage. time for the weather and back to sam. middle of the country got a little snowstorm, over the weekend from denver to tulsa, oklahoma. well into arkansas. we'll show you pictures from the tulsa area. that hit of prespring snow is attributing five deaths to those spinouts, all through, what we're calling the mid-south this morning. that snow has moved through the east. oh, that feeling is awful when you're out of control on the slick roads. that, anyway, has shifted to the
7:42 am
east. and new york city is getting mist and fog and they'll get a little rain out of it as well. as that low pulls offshore, there will be an area of heavy rain that will kind of continue the pattern of flooding because just a week ago, we had heavy raining in new england. this won't last as long as that. thought as windy as that, but additional rain. atlanta, should be around 60 something. 67 degrees. this morning, it will be about 47. . >> good morning mary. we had 40s in a row of 70. we are still above normal but only 63. we've already had shower and more continue this afternoon even a rumble of thunder could take us through the evening and afternoon. we will slip back to a low of 45. >> all t >> all that weather was brought to you by american express, robin. >> it's been a while since you gave me an "all that" like that, sam. on a monday to boot. >> on a monday.
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7:46 am
now, to the mystery under the waters off aruba. the government says divers will search the area where a photograph was taken last fall that may show human remains. could they be those of natalee holloway, the american student who disappeared in aruba five years ago. here's andrea canning. >> reporter: take a close look at this image taken in the aruban waters that resembles a skelton, complete with a skull and hands. >> when i looked at those photo, i said, by, darn that looks like a skeleton. >> reporter: the photo was taken
7:47 am
by a couple on a snorkeling vacation. they told nancy grace they discovered it after they came over. >> i showed it to all my friends even a doctor, and they agreed it's a corpse. >> reporter: the doctor, cyril wecht isn't convinced. >> i do not believe these photos represent a body. the whole idea of a skeletal remain being in the water five years is just untenable. >> reporter: still authorities have reportedly moved forward, sending in divers over the weekend. the exact spot the search was undertaken is unknown, but the search will remain on the south side of the island, close to the beaches. it's just one of the many twists and turns in the baffling case. to futile searches to a recent confession from joran van der sloot. they have no comment in the
7:48 am
latest discovery, but hoping for closure in the investigation that has gone nowhere for five long years. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. >> and again, divers will search the area where that photograph was taken. now, 47 minutes after the hour. and coming up -- surviving infidelity. important lesson from oscar winner sandra bullock's troubled marriage. to help you stay comfortable and in the zone in all light conditions both on and off the course. kenny perry and trevor immelman have made transitions part of their game. transitions is proud to be the official eyewear of the pga tour and title sponsor of the transitions championship.
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7:56 am
. we have ours cooler temperatures this morning. at 7:56 on the clock,s the 56 on the thermometer, under our banner already up to 60 in centerville but it is mid to upper 50s for everybody, 55 double nick m les, 55 as well. maryland most powerful doppler radar. pushing north right now and up toward lancaster and york
7:57 am
county. we have a wet 83 in the north side. we have had wet weather through the west side even though it is to the west expied heading north of 70 and toward west minister. you will get wet again in the next 10 to 15 minutes. 63 is ten degree guarantee, and on and off showers and maybe, maybe a rumble of thunder this afternoon. that's it through this evening and cool down overnight to 45. tomorrow different story. cloudy day and 56. after that approximate into the 60s and enjoy wednesday and thursday with sun because another round of showers and 50s on friday. now for the traffic. thanks, good morning. we have a serious incident eastbound franklin boulevard is closed due to a crash involving an overturned vehicle. as we look at the maps this is area as to where the crash is at. as we look, a lot of traffic is
7:58 am
being diverted on to southbound 95, 795 all lane versus open but expect some more delays on top of the normal area as you make your way on franklin boulevard this morning. around the area, we do have a crash, and an injure accident reported, route 175 at blue water road as well.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this hour on "good morning america" -- congress makes history overnight, passing a landmark bill to overhaul health care.ry overnight, passing a we answer your questions about what it means for you and your bottom line. the heartache of america's sweetheart, sandra bullock strikes a chord across the country. this morning, the warning sign for any marriage and how to repair a relationship after an affair. and mimely cyrus, on the breakout role of her career. she joins us live to talk about a new movie and her new romance.
8:01 am
good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. hope your ncaa brackets still impact. oh, my goodness. george is in los angeles spending time with his family. >> you know, knowing george, i bet he's squeezing in reporting on health care while with his family. miley, as we say, is here. there have been people camped out. singer, movie star, she's going to talk about her new movie "the last song" and she'll be answering your question. >> that's the last half hour. and we're going to go in before the last rehearsal before tonight's premiere of "dancing with the stars." see what stars will shine during the season. we'll find out. first, juju with the news. we begin with the neuws headlines. we begin with the historic landmark bill.
8:02 am
it's a major victory for president obama, following a final day of high drama on capitol hill. and jon karl was following it all. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, this was a long and contentious debate. at the end of it, juju, congress delivered for the president a victory for of the history books. the final vote, 219 for, 212 against. the president talked about it shortly after midnight at the white house. >> we proved that this government, a government of the people and by the people still works for the people. >> reporter: but his was a hard-fought victory. in the end, the president did not convince a single republican to vote yes. and there were 34 democrats who voted no. now, the president is still going to have to do more on this. health care debate actually is not over yet. although this bill will be signed into law probably tomorrow. the house also passed changes which come into the senate.
8:03 am
you can expect this week, juju, other health care debate. >> jon, a lot of ironing out to do. well, as the health care bill eked through capitol hill, thousands descended on the national mall for another debate, immigration reform. well, the president is also set to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tomorrow. secretary of state hillary clinton sits down with netanyahu tonight and she'll tell them that the future is rock solid. former president s bill clinton and george w. bush are in haiti today. they're looking over the quake back in january. and the pope did go further than any of his predecessors using the words "i am truly sorry." but critics say he neglected to
8:04 am
mention other abuse victims around the world, nor, did he call for a single resignation. and british police are looking for this. a woman got stuck under the truck going 60 miles an hour. and the driver was apparently unaware of the car. someone finally got the truck to stop. and the driver of the car said she thought she was going to die. "alice in wonderland" was the box office top draw. it has made more than $500 million worldwide. and finally, payday for singing sensation susan boyle, she'll get herst first paycheck worth about $6 million. that's what she's earned from her debut album "i dreamed a
8:05 am
dream." her first purchase is a dream home. remember the tv show, "the $6 million man"? >> sure. >> she's the $6 million woman. >> must be nice. now down to sam. >> wait a minute. that's just this pat of the audience that's cheering. that part of the audience, it's miley monday, go ahead. it is a huge crowd in here. all right. we're going to start this morning with pictures of a volcano under a glacier. it's one of my favorite things that i knew about iceland. and it happened. this thing has been dormant since 1821. and it kind of erupted. and they evacuated about 400 to 500 people over the weekend. here's what they're afraid of. when the volcano gets over the glacier like that, you're going to have melting. you're afraid of the runoff of that, a volcano, this weekend, in iceland. it's like their fifth largest glacier in iceland.
8:06 am
let's look at the boards. after a gorgeous weekend in the east coast, we're now going to put up with rain. that is spring, you're shifting those seasons around. you're going to get rain over the next several days. clearing out on the west coast. looking pretty good. a small system in the rocky. it is gorgeous in it t after a glorious weekend we hit 75 yesterday. rain showers today and some could be heavy as we aim for 63. there could be rumbles of thunder this afternoon into the evening, we will slip to 45 overnight and not wet tomorrow but a better chance of a shower in the afternoon, to 56. back with sun wednesday and thursday, and more rain showers by the end of the week. >> i should give these to miley, though?
8:07 am
flowers in the audience. we'll have more weather in the next half hour, robin? >> i'm sure miley will love them. thanks sam. well, after months of heated debate, president obama's historic health care reform will be signed into law. what will the changes mean for your family's health and the bowl line. to answer these questions, i want to bring in dr. tim johnson and financial contributor mellody hobson, also the president of arial investments. tell us what we're going to see this year? >> well, a lot. children can stay on their parents' plan. kids, older kids, until 26, that will cover the gap from college, and other students looking for a job. right away, insurance companies will have to cover children with
8:08 am
preexisting conditions. it will take longer for adults to kick in. and preventive care it hasn't been covering before. and significantly for seniors, it's going to cover that infamous doughnut hole for drugs. there will be no drop from coverage when you get sick, payments of rescinding insurance when you get six. no lifetime caps will kick in during this first year. and there will be high-risk pools developed within three months to take care of people, like adults with preexisting conditions, until that factor becomes operative in later years. a lot of things happening in the first year. >> a lot of things happening in this year. we're also have to wait until 2014 to see other major changes come about. tell us about those. >> well, by 2014, and there's nothing that says it couldn't happen sooner, but they're giving themselves, obviously, plenty of time to try to implement these very complicated changes. by then, nearly all patients
8:09 am
will have to get insurance, small businesses with more than 50 employees will have to get insurance, or pay a fine. by then, adults with preexisting conditions will not be denied insurance. there will be all kinds of other tax benefits and subsidies that will kick in for people. the big thing that will happen by then, of course, is that we should have up to 30 million people who do not now have insurance, who will have it. that's an absolutely huge, major development. >> yeah, a lot of major developments. and it's a big price tag, too, mellody, that goes along with, over $900 billion. the question that many people in the heated debate are asking how to pay for. >> let's start with taxes. the wealthiest americans, the top 2% are going to pay more taxes. specifically, medicare taxes. that's on their payroll. but they're also going to pay medicare taxes on unearned income. that's things like dividends and
8:10 am
capital gains. employers are going to pay higher taxes on what are called the cadillac plans, the very, very expensive health care plans out there. the question is, will they pass those costs on to consumers that are using them. there are going to be penalties for corporations with more than 50 employees that do not offer health care insurance. and those penalties are pretty steep. as much as $2,000 per person. and last but not least, corporations are going to pay higher fees. pharmaceutical companies, insurers, they're going to pay higher fees in corporate taxes that may eventually be passed on to consumers. but the big, big news here is for the vast majority of americans who have an employer-sponsored plan at work, health care plan, they probably won't see much of a change. >> well, what about the small business owners. how will this affect them?
8:11 am
>> small business owners, those that have 25 employees or less, and the average income of those employees is $50,000 or less. think of your neighborhood dry cleaner. they can actually get a waiver where they're not mandated to offer coverage. but those that do, those small, small companies, they're going to get some great tax incentives that will cover up to 50% of the costs. last but not least, employers that have 100 employees or less are going to be able to participate in state insurance exchanges. get thing about those is, you get the benefit of group rates and they also get choices of insurers. >> all right, mellody, thank you so much. dr. tim, good to see you again, my friend. thank you both very much. we want to know what you think of the health care overhaul. go to our website, weigh in on the shoutout board. coming up next, surviving infidelity. lesson's from sandra bullock's troubles.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
should she? should she? i hit the streets to find out what's happening to hollywood's girl next door. >> reporter: disturbing pictures on tmz's website emerged of the other woman. now details that bullock knew her husband had groupies but trusted him anyway. >> when they first got together, they were very much the odd couple. opposites attracting. they very clearly had a loving relationship. >> reporter: the alleged affair has struck a chord in the psyche. >> people identify with sandra bullock because she's like the girl next door. when something unfortunate happens to her, they can empathize with her pain. >> reporter: out on the street, man or woman, everyone has an opinion. >> she feels like someone i could be friends with so i felt sorry for her.
8:17 am
>> woman that he had the affair with is not exactly middle america. why does he have to go there? >> she made that great movie. for something like that to happen, it's not fair. it's not fair. >> reporter: and folks are chiming in on line. one viewer wrote, there is no way that sandra deserved this at all. he's a married man and should act like a married man. >> they look i can the all-american couple. perfect for each other. she waited for the right time before she picked the right man for her, unfortunately, it wasn't the case. >> why are so many people pondering this issue. joining us is bethany marshall and a woman who went through this herself. the writer of "happens every day." let me start with you, you say people are touched with this. your patients are talking about it in therapy. why has it hit such a nerve?
8:18 am
>> the fear of betrayal is a basic human anxiety. not only did he betray her publicly, he betrayed the children and her bond with them. he allowed her to adore him publicly. and it was cheating at the time of the oscars. he set her up for humiliation. and he did it at the time of her greatest professional accomplishment which was mean and suggests envy and a wish to tear her down. >> interesting, isabel, you said with all the hurt and the pain, the first instinct you had was protect the kids. clearly, sandra is co-parenting with her husband. how did you keep the kids above the fray? >> it's crushing and so painful when it happens. but you have to think about it happening to a whole family. and just an unfortunate thing happening to everyone. and i think as sad as it is, as painful, the quickly, you start to think about what can come next. how you can progress. how can we move on so that we can help the children. help our marriage.
8:19 am
if the marriage is going to disintegrate, how can we move forward in a positive way. >> bethany, there are reports that sandra knew the groupies and trusted him. what are the signs when you suspect infidelity? >> definitely, if there's a persuasive pattern of selfishness, self-gratification and regards for the rights of the woman that would be a predictor. excessive secretiveness, he erases texts from his phone. he screens his calls. a sudden interest in his appearance, like working out and losing weight. and a renewed interest in sex and trying different sexual practices. >> isabel, you said you had no idea. you didn't see it coming either? >> no, no, i didn't. i'm not sure if you're in the marriage with the kid, your life, your job that you're really looking for anything other than what to feed them for breakfast. >> you said on book tour, people would say to you, how could you
8:20 am
not have known? >> people are surprised that you don't know. but i see a lot of people in these book groups and say does anybody think that her husbands would cheat on them? everybody answers no. it's just sad and it's important to look at both sides of the coin and trying to see the other person as a whole. >> it seems with tiger and elin and these others, there's those explosive breakups. can any marriage be saved? >> marriages can survive infidelity. but first of all, the offending partner has to be sorry. he has to be willing to repair the damage by showing remorse. admitting to the affair. identifying why he did it. because if you can't articulate it, how can you fix it? and finally, he has to make a plan to fix the problem. not you. he does. and he has to take responsibility instead of blaming the woman. >> isisabel, you talked about feelings of humiliation.
8:21 am
sandra bullock is going through this in front of the whole world. how do you deal with that? >> it's a complex situation. i think it's important also when somebody does something that's socially unacceptable like an affair. the person who has had the affair happen to them can sort of put a halo on and say, you did something really bad. it's important for both partners to look at how they work together. one person can't be a devil and the other can't be an angel. >> you say not all infidelity is created equal. there are different types of infidelity. >> there's three types. the one time colossal mistake with an otherwise good guy. there's a guy that hoo cannot handle marital stress. and there's the guy who always wants narcissistic gratification. >> you have to find out which kind it is. thank you for being here. clearly, the questions will
8:22 am
linger and continue. but we have more coming up on the show. when we come back, miley mania. she's here and she takes on times square. and she's going to be here to answer your questions so stay with us. she's got a new movie. she's got all sorts of new projects ahead. there she is, strutting her stuff, right here times square. stay with us. when my allergies hit, i've got a great way to hit back. i get claritin clear... ...with non-drowsy claritin liqui-gels. it relieves my worst allergy symptoms with pure liquid power. claritin liqui-gels. the only non-drowsy liquid capsule. live claritin clear.
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get information and solutions in one place., where your daily life and better health just click. now buy one bottle of vitamins and get one free. visit today. there's a way to stay well. good morning. 8:25. we start off on this monday with wet weather another bandover rain off the bay. we have just about to get wet again. and we've had wet weather roll through to hartford county, heavier rain bans through the city. we have puddles around the beltway up 83. we've had that out 70 and still around the triple bridges, wet weather and there's more where that came from, where it could stay dry half hour to a couple of hours and heavier downpours to build. temperatures moving up with 57
8:26 am
up toward york pa, a 59 inon but a slow climb this afternoon, despite the 70s over the weekend we stay above normal just feeling cooler at 73 for our two degree guarantee, through the evening we are down to 45 overnight and tomorrow, through the rest of week, we drop to 58, 56 today whack in the 60s. wednesday through friday. thank, justin. you will see stop and go traffic all around the area between mountain road and the fort mchenry toll plaza as we peak at the cameras, it is slow topside between 95 all the way up to about delay knee valley road. give yourself lots of time. on the earlier crash that has the eastbound lanes closed, because of a crash involving an overturn vehicle all traffic is being diverted on to southbound 795, the northbound ramp from 795 also closed getting on to eastbound franklin boulevard, and it is causing a bit of a
8:27 am
slow down in that area. one crash, blocking the left shoulder this morning and our travel times are up, 795 between white marsh and the beltway. it is 7 minutes this morning. here is a look at top stories this morning a violent weekend in baltimore city this morning. in the shooting death of a comcast worker in east baltimore. investigators say carlos williams was in his company
8:28 am
van, around 6:00 yesterday morning, in the 19 u had block when three people approached the van. police believe that the shooting was an attempted robbery. >> city police are investigating a shooting that involves a pregnant woman around 10:00 last night in the 1400 block of mount moore court. the 19-year-old was two months pregnant and shot in the chest. police say she was conscious when they arrived. the woman was taken to shock trauma. there's no word on her condition. the department officers working under cover had this weekend are recovering after they were shot in the 2600 block of mcelderly street. the commissioner says his officers noticed two cars drying suspiciously after might have had night on sunday and when they intervened man opened fire. they returned fire killing the suspect, both officers are being treated at john's hopkins. it was a heart breaker
8:29 am
yesterday, up until the last second but it wasn't enough. it was just a great game. michigan state took shot after shot after shot after shot. we all thought they had no shot at this, who will go down as one of the all time. he took the best shot and within six seconds left to play, michigan state comes down court and gives awe three ponter and it is over. maryland left and you have to feel proud of gary after the year they gave us 85-83 michigan state. they did play very well. we are sending you back to new york. we will see you in happen an hour for good morning maryland.
8:30 am
♪ there she is, miley cyrus, at the top of her own entertainment empire. and walking into the studio right now is miley cyrus! >> hi there. >> with her new movie, she can act. she can sing. she can do it all. right now, she's being surrounded. >> oh!now, she's being
8:31 am
>> what can we do? what can we say? we're going to talk to miley coming up. >> you see that. >> being escorted to safety. >> good morning, america. i'm juju chang in for george stephanopoulos trying to get well-deserved time with his family. he's actually have been bummed to be missing miley here. his kids are into mili sewer russ. cyrus. she's playing in a few movie "the last song." >> everybody is still buzzing. >> on this monday. >> she's fine. she'll be right back out. also this morning, a "gma" health alert. important tips on how to avoid dangerous hospital errors. we have a checklist on what you can do to protect your health, even the best day to schedule
8:32 am
surgery. there's a best day to do that. >> this is a fantastic best day. you know why? >> why is that? >> this is the two-hour premiere of "dancing with the stars." melissa rycroft is going to taked you behind the scenes. the most exciting lists of our season. are they ready to take over the mirrored ball trophy. >> that's pamela anderson. >> i've got to say i'm a pam anderson fan. i'm just saying, fan. hey, where are my sarahs? my two sarahs? wait a minute. let me -- let me -- i need to get an arm. we are very excited to have the recipients of the pepsi fresh program. it provides people with great ideas to make a positive impact. both sarahs are varsity
8:33 am
cheerleaderers in iowa. they wants to give people a chance to cheer like they do. ten girl, ages 8 to 15 joined. they practice together twice a week and perform at football games and folks tend to like it, right? >> yeah. they tend to be excited when folks dot cheer. and everybody should get a chance to see the great things you do in high school. that was a very good idea. they call what they do a sparkle effect. they have a $25,000 grant from the pepsi refresh program to help other programs start their own programs. if you'd like to have information about what the sarahs have done. go to congratulations. that is the nicest thing. everyone should feel as nice in school, opportunities to cheer. everybody should have that.
8:34 am
>> we agree. >> of course you do, it's your program. let's get to the boards. one or two things to talk about on our miley, crazy monday, by the way. we've got a beautiful clearing pattern on the west coast. a little snow in the rockies. gorgeous wea >> all that >> all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. now, robin, with the lady who turned our studio upside down this morning. >> i'm telling you. i haven't seen that in a long time. make that ever. thank, sam. miley cyrus is joining us this morning to talk about the breakout role in the new movie "the last song." she played ronnie, trust me, a rebelous girl who spends the
8:35 am
summer with her estranged father. she finds love on screen, miley finds love offscreen. you are adorned by your fans. >> thank you. but this is a new role for you, seeing you play in this role as ronnie. even though it's called "the last song" we don't hear you sing? >> right. which i think is really interesting. i think people expect for that to be always what i leaned towards. it's nice because there's music involved but i didn't necessarily want to be a singer. >> you did sing in the truck a little. >> yeah, and he really outdid me. >> but that was so real. it was so real. >> yeah, it was great. >> you play a piano prodigy. did that help you? >> yeah, i had to learn. i can play guitar, read music.
8:36 am
i came in, and i looked totally exhausted. and she's like, gosh, they've been working you hard. i said, i know, i took piano for like two days. she said, two days? you know, i don't think i could maybe get accepted to juilliard the way that ronnie would. i got the basics down and made me feel more comfortable. >> you could tell that you know what you're doing. you can't fake that? >> no, i felt really comfortable. i've never been hit in the back, sit up straight, get your wrists like this. they were really making sure i looked as much as i sounded. >> you talk about greg caneer who plays your father. he's like your dad? >> he is, he's laid back. mostly, he plays deeper, darker roles. so he's so hilarious.
8:37 am
there were so many times i was like, i feel like i'm on the set of hannah montana with my dad. just his jokes. he's a joy to have on set. >> also a joy, liam, your boyfriend. you met him on set. >> yeah, on film. >> how was it working with him? >> it was really good. you know what, it makes you want to come to work and make each other look good. he's trying to break out here in the states. and i'm trying to make my people see my work as a little bit more actress, more mature. we both come to work every day so inspired. when you have some of that, not only for the work, but really loves you and wants you to do well, you rae want to know your lines and help each other look good. i felt like everyone kind of had that, you know, kind of same inspiration. he and i especially. we were just trying to get our point across. we're like, hey, we're not what
8:38 am
people think we are. >> we want to play a clip. he's taking you home for the first time, and you have no idea where he lives. >> right. >> take a look. "the last song." >> you're rich? whoa, you told me that your dad owned a brick shop. >> he does, he just happens to own 300 more. >> no, no, i'm not going in looking like this. >> let go. >> why didn't you tell me? >> what difference does it make? >> hello. >> hello. >> mom, i thought you and dad were going out. >> we decided to come back early. >> this is ronnie. >> hi. >> yeah. didn't want to meet mom for the first time. like how are you doing? a lot of people can relate to that when they're seeing something like that.
8:39 am
i wish we could have seen also who plays your little brother in the film. he is a piece of work. >> yeah, bobby coleman, he's probably one of the most hysterical kids i'd seen in my life. this kid will do anything for five bucks. i'm like, i'll give you 20 bucks if you do something. just go away, this or that. let me be alone for a second. he literally had like a receipt for me. this is what you owe me. it was like $80. i said how could i owe you $80. he's like, no, no, it's like whatever, i'll give him 80 bucks. but it was so funny with the way he kept up with the tally like a little brother. >> and he said, at one point, you even asked him, hey, go see if liam likes me? >> yes, i paid him ten bucks to see if liam liked me. i need details, all the mushy stuff.
8:40 am
he goes, ten bucks. he likes. i already knew that, dork. i want to know the rest of the story. he's like five bucks. i said, huh-uh, not until the mission is done. >> i'm going to tell you, the dynamic between you two as brother and sister really works like that. also, we can't believe, last season for "hannah montana." what's it like for you to be saying good-bye to this chapter in your life? >> it's bittersweet. it's been kind of hard. i feel like there's a lot of opportunities that i had to miss because i'm always on set. now, it's like, oh, my gosh, i don't have this to fall back on. it makes me a little nervous. you just got to think like we've been doing this for five years. of course, i was exhausted and the same rhythm and repetitive. then we get into it and think this is the main growing experience and to leave that
8:41 am
behind is really hard. i think we're really happy to go on to new chapters in our life. it's going to be hard not to have that security blanket to fall back on. >> it's always tough to leave your comfort zone. >> definitely. >> miley, thank you so much. i know you're going to be back from time to time. liam is coming by, and greg coming by. anything you want us to tell them? >> it will be fine. >> "the last song" will be [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
8:42 am
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this is beyond cable. this is fios.
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well, here's a shocking number for you. studies show almost 100,000 people die in hospitals every year because of medical errors. and we have critical information to help you and your loved ones make it through a hospital stay safely. "gma's" medical contributor dr. marie savard is here with a checklist. let's start with scheduling. you say there are certain months of the year even days of the week that are safer? >> you're right. hospitals actually are a dangerous place. if you think of it, there are
8:45 am
certain times of the year, first of all, late june, july, even into august, there's a changing the guards. medical students become residents. residents move up the ladder. so that's the time to try to avoid, if you can, going into the hospital. second time is surgery. think about scheduling surgery. studies have shown avoid surgery on thursdays, especially fridays. again, maybe because of the time of week. and the complications over the weekend. that staff doesn't know you as well. >> personnel trying to get away for the weekend, perhaps. >> right. >> but if you can't have the luxury of scheduling, my mother had to have a pacemaker installed right away. it's important to have a surgery buddy. >> that's right. when a patient is sick in the hospital, they're sick for longer periods of time, you need to get an advocate. we all need that 24/7 eyes and ears. that extra hand.
8:46 am
nurses when we change shifts, there's actually a period of time, up to an hour or so, it's hard to find somebody around, getting the medications. you need somebody sitting there takes notes, grabbing the nurses if need be, just really watching and seeing what's going on. speaking up for you. >> people are groggy, they're not picking up the information. you're holding a binder that i did not do, but you think this helped people with safety as well? >> yes, this saved my parents' lives. carrying goods of your own medical records which we're all entitled to. and i think a lot of people don't realize that. your medical information is what a doctor needs to make an accurate diagnosis. often no one doctor has all of it, and it's not in one place. for now, i say get a paper copy, the original records, bring it with you. both when you get into the hospital and when you go home, make sure that you're all on board. that means medications, too.
8:47 am
a list of medications. >> a schedule of medications. you said as you're being discharged, they'll hand you a stack of papers. youed me to pay careful attention to what the discharge is telling you. >> there's something else. it's actually a discharge summary. it will be a summary of everything that happens in the hospital. doesn't show up for a couple weeks. before you leave the hospital, ask for a copy of the ekg, the lab tests, whatever is important. >> life-saving inf [ woman ] with my diabetes...
8:48 am
i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me... the support i need, free. free access to a certified diabetes educator... so i can ask about diet and the insulin i use. i got a free meter. and test strip discounts. so i can spend more on what i really want. i count on the freestyle promise® program. make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll today.
8:49 am
and now, this morning, are you ready to rumba? more importantly are shannen doherty, pam anderson and buzz aldrin and the rest of the cast in front of millions of people each week on abc's "dancing with the stars." melissa rycroft who knows a thing on two about stepping on
8:50 am
the dance floor is with us. good morning, melissa! >> hey, season ten starts tonight, sam. i'm so excited. the contestants have been practicing for three weeks now. they're sore, they're tired, they're nervous. but after watching practice yesterday, they are all ready. >> reporter: lights, cameras, chandeliers. get ready for some dancing. this season, 11 celebrities and their dancing partners are getting ready to waltz, cha-cha and hit the floor. there are, of course, the usual stars. and, yes, a man from the moon. but former astronaut buzz aldrin says it's nothing like actually walking on the moon. >> it's not dusty, the not gray. >> are we going to see any moonwalking? >> i don't know. we might do something backwards. >> reporter: kate gosselin says her children, all eight of them, have been very supportive. she and tony are racking up a lot of air miles.
8:51 am
after the show, they fly to pennsylvania to practice in her basement. >> they've transformed the basement into a dance studio. >> do you think you want nine children running around the house? >> you know what, i think he's equal to five kids himself. >> reporter: pamela anderson says she loves dancing in those high-heels. >> i asked for higher? >> why? >> i just feel balanced now that i'm higher. i fall off flat shoes. >> but will we see her dancing in that famous red bathing suit? probably not. but she says she's excited about every minute. >> i'm excited about doing it. and the next one. and the next one. >> reporter: and always, the athletes. >> isn't the state of his life. >> reporter: even an olympian, glowing from vancouver. >> he likes sequins. >> reporter: and sportscaster erin andrews who just last week
8:52 am
saw her stalker go to jail, is excited to smile. >> i saw pam anderson for the first time. >> reporter: so what you think the greatest advantage is you're coming in with? >> this is my greatest advantage right here. >> sucking up for the partner, that's good. >> no, it's the truth. it is the truth. >> reporter: we've all heard the bad girl stories about shannen doherty. she's dancing for her father who has been very, very sick. >> my father had a massive stroke, he's had heart attacks and dialysis. bad health. he got really excited about "dancing with the stars" and wanted me to do it. so i'm thinking that's going to help a lot for me. >> reporter: actor aiden turner just left "all my children" after seven years. fascinating fact, he was a chef before an actor and even went to culinary school. >> i did. i had too whip up a few dishes here and there. >> what is are the perfect
8:53 am
things to make up good dance? >> a good partner. and a good smile. >> thing is the most amazing season. they've got the gamut covered. astronauts, "bay watch" babes, mothers. >> i can't pick a front-runner. >> i can't either, melissa. first of all, great behind the scenes. you're the right person. it starts tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. you can find out more ab okay, let's do this...
8:54 am
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thank you all for joining us here this morning. you've been a beautiful audience. an absolutely beautiful audience. greg kaneer is going to be here tomorrow. this is going to start your monday. v a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland as most powerful doppler radar. >> 856 the imtim. a slow commute for some, this is the view ton windshields, at least from the camera view at the school in owings mills. we have wetness, the road is wet and we have 56 degrees mild start but definitely gusty winds and although this ban of rain has pushed to the north we still have the threat of more showers throughout the day al l though we may get through the next hour or two. are expecting to have is a day with more showers maybe even a thunderstorm this afternoon through this evening, some of the showers could help enhance heavier downpours we will max out at 63. leftover showers until midnight and then dropping to 45 by daybreak. we will talk about the weather at good morning maryland at 9:00. now the final check on traffic.
8:58 am
thanks. it is still going to be slow going around the area, those wet roads not helping matters a lot as you make your way southbound, expect to see it slow down toward the fort mchenry toll way. traffic is slow on the topside from hartford road, these delays stretch way pest bell air, give yourself lot of time. an update on the earlier accident, franklin boulevard, eastbound remains closed at nick because of a serious crash. all traffic interesting diverted on 795, painters mill road at mcdonough. our drive time is up as you make your way southbound, down to 295, and as you make your way southbound, a new crash at route 100, toward the capital beltway. [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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